Extraordinary circumstances flight cancellation

Passenger compensation for extraordinary circumstances flight delay

Flight delays happen more often that we would like to admit it. Have you’ve been through this situation? Perhaps the airline communicated that you could not receive reimbursement because the delay of your departure was due to “extraordinary circumstances.” What should you do? Is there a passenger compensation for extraordinary circumstances flight delay?

In what extraordinary circumstances could you claim flight delay compensation?

The European regulation EU 261/2004 states that if you’ve experienced a delay of over 3 hours and you flew from or to a European airport, you may be entitled to flight delay compensation up to €600. If the situation is under the airline control or responsibility, you should fill their form to claim reimbursement.

In some instances, the delay of departure or arrival is caused by so-called “extraordinary circumstances”, and you are no longer eligible for flight delay repay. Here is a short list of the most common:

•    Security risks

•    Weather conditions

•    Political instability

•    Air traffic controller strikes

•    Unexpected safety failures

•    Pilot strikes

When any of these happen, the airline doesn’t legally owe you compensation. They might, however, try to ease your loss of time with a voucher – but it’s not a rule.

As for technical reasons and operational issues, they do not stand for extraordinary circumstances. The maintenance of the aircraft is the airline’s responsibility. If your plane leaves too late because of a technical problem, introduce your information on the https://www.airclaim.com/ calculator, and find how much should the airline pay you. Depending on the length of the flight and disruption, you could receive up to €600.

Should passengers request flight cancellation compensation?

Sometimes, the airline claims it’s an extraordinary circumstance even though it isn’t. They try to wave their obligation to compensate passengers for a delayed or cancelled flight. What should you do? Learn how to distinguish between the disruptions derived from causes outside of the airline’s reach and those from the air company’s malpractices.

If it was the airline’s fault, you should claim flight cancellation compensation. Was the flight cancelled or delayed because of bad weather on previous plane or sickness of the crew? These aren’t extraordinary circumstances, neither, as the airline is responsible for rearranging flights at short notice and for their standby crew, as well. Furthermore, when the airline personnel strikes, it is the carrier’s responsibility to prevent and replace the crew members who refuse to work.

Claiming extraordinary circumstances where they’re not is the best way for an airline to avoid flight delay/cancellation reimbursement. In this case, it’s hard for the passenger to receive compensation, but not impossible. The AirClaim team can offer assistance and recommend you the steps to follow when your flight was disrupted.

The truth is that passengers have the right to care even in extraordinary circumstances that lead to flight delay/cancellation. The airline must provide you with drinks and food for the duration of your wait, though they do not offer compensation as regulated by European law. Submit your flight details to AirClaim, and they will make sure you will receive what you deserve!