Hair Regrowth

Why Vitamin Supplementation Is Important For Hair Regrowth

If you want to maintain a healthy hair growth, you need to consume enough nutrients.  Foods rich in Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Biotin (also referred to Vitamin H or Vitamin B7), and vitamin C should be considered. Eat foods such as kale, guavas, and sweet red peppers have high quantities of Vitamin C. Also, Foods such as nuts including walnuts & almonds, carrots, and Swiss chard are all loaded Vitamin B7. Vitamin B3 can be absorbed from fish such as salmon & tuna, mushrooms, roasted peanuts, and poultry (turkey and chicken). All these vitamins have been clinically proven to reduce hair loss and somewhat encourage healthy hair growth. They are readily available for efficient tropical hair loss treatment products such as Provillus from

Male baldness is normally caused by DHT, a hormone that inhibits the growth of hair by blocking the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. Men who realize a receding hairline should take action to stop hair loss and feed their follicles with essential nutrients and vitamins. A hair loss vitamin that has a marine complex that is derived from Flax Seed, Zinc, Vitamin C and fish protein will assist by nourishing hair from within, promote the growth of existing hair and greatly reduce hair loss.

What Else Is Important

Zinc and Iron are the two critical minerals that promote hair growth. Food such as lentils, beans, chicken, spinach, and lean meats are rich in Iron. The mineral is important for the production of red blood cells, and hair loss can be a symptom of iron deficiency. Zinc, on the other hand, can be absorbed from pumpkin seeds, spinach, toasted wheat germ, beef & lamb, and seafood. The mineral is essential for nourishing hair follicles. Provillus will serve with these vitamins and minerals.